Robbie Keogh
Game Generalist & Project Manager
Yup Yups Toy Box

Platform: Mobile, iOS, Android (Air/Starling/AS3)

Publisher: Industrial Brothers

Release Date: November 2013

Role: Game Designer / Programmer


Yup Yups Toy Box was one of two companion apps to follow the animated, pre-school series on Disney Jr.

Toy Box contains three games Blue Balloon, Pink Bubbles and Green Race all corresponding to one of the characters in the show. While playing the game, the player unlocks instruments (held in a toy box) which they can use to make sounds.

After some initial issues with our programmer - I had to expand my role from Game Designer to programmer. This was my first application where I was in charge of production ready code (rather than just prototyping).

Yup Yups, was a great project to work on. The T.V. show is very playful and that had to translate to the application. All the game designs had to focus on being exploratory and fun rather than being competitive allowing us to focus on a more tactile experience.

While coding, for the most part, my responsibility was the Green Race Game - but I also handled getting the game Android ready and a significant portion of asset management.


  • Managing two programmers (each responsible for one of the games in Toy Box)
  • Game design and balancing for all three games
  • Development of the Green Race game
  • Preparing game for release on both the App Store and Google Play

Yup Yups Toy Box on the App Store