Robbie Keogh
Game Generalist & Project Manager
Beast Farmer II

Platform: Mobile, iOS (Unity3D)

Publisher: Industrial Brothers

Release Date: December 2010

Role: Project Management


Beast Farmer II was the initial release after I joined the Industrial Brothers team and my first time managing a mobile game. BFII focused around a style swiping mechanic to ward off waves of attacking enemies as well as a combo based special attack mechanic - that the player could save for optimal effect or use in a pinch. Due to the success of the first Beast Farmer game, BFII also included a customizable avatar system that mimicked the ability to raise a beast (that was present in the first game).


  • Setting daily tasks and schedules for staff
  • Game Design Document updating and bug tracking
  • Quality assurance and play testing
  • Level balancing

BFII was a great lesson for me in managing scope creep, being the first project for an ambitious startup, expectations were quite high to make "the next big thing" and designs changed fairly frequently. It put into perspective the balance of the time/scope/cost triangle. However, we had an amazing team to pull it off and though the production didn't go quite as I expected I'm fortunate that I was able to manage such a situation early in my mobile career - so that it was able to inform my later decisions on an all too common problem.

Beast Farmer II on the App Store

Click here for the gameplay video: Beast Farmer II